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Mission & Vision


Bursa Eren Tourism; It effectively meets the needs and expectations of its customers in a fast, error-free and timely manner.

To consider, implement and develop transportation as a professional service concept; is committed to serving its customers within the framework of reliability in accordance with the rules, laws and regulations required by national and international standards, paying attention to the importance of human and human life.

Bursa Eren Tourism; With the awareness that the way of success is to provide quality service to its customers, it targets and offers service at the level of customer satisfaction and expectations.

The service it provides is the optimum price, timely service and the quality of the commitment to ensure the satisfaction of its customers.


Bursa Eren Tourism; With its wide fleet of vehicles, it provides hundreds of kilometers of road and safe transportation.

Bursa Eren Tourism, which provides services to the most prestigious schools and businesses of Bursa, especially in terms of personnel, student and customer service transportation; It has taken its place among the leading brands of the sector with its high quality service conscious driver staff and new modern vehicles that have passed the psychotechnical tests successfully and have the certificates required by the standards.

Bursa Eren Tourism; TURSAB, F1, D2, ISO 9001 certificates with the highest level of service in the sector maintains its prestige.

Bursa Eren Tourism with its modernization works and renewed structure according to the conditions of the day; It aims to provide the most modern, fast and reliable service to its customers in the future as it is today.